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Ending Addiction For GoodGetting sober is possible.

Addicts can completely recover and transform their lives if they are given the proper tools.

Ending Addiction for Good is one of those tools.

Ending Addiction for Good shares life-saving, cutting-edge protocols that have been developed in addiction recovery.  Authors Richard Taite and Constance Scharff, Ph.D. relate their own true-life stories and struggles with addiction and how they overcame their problems. Each found that they used solutions widely understood within the treatment community, but not put together into a comprehensive holistic treatment protocol. So they took the time to create that protocol.

Ending Addiction for Good will help you find the right treatment for the addict you love. This book explains how:

  • Addiction is not a moral failing or disease. It is a set of behaviors that can be changed.
  • The secret to long-term addiction recovery helps the addict face and overcome the pain underlying the addiction.
  • The Stages of Change method is evidence-based and proven to work.
  • Holistic treatment, in addition to intensive, individualized psychotherapy, works synergistically to heal mind, body and spirit.

If you have thought there is no way out of an addiction for you or a loved one, hope is here.

Ending Addiction For Good
The Ground-Breaking, Holistic, Evidence-Based Way to Transform Your Life

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